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Going Public with my Opt-Out Letter – Day 1

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Last year when we sent in our opt-out letter to Waco ISD, the response we received from them was harsh and uncooperative. It essentially said “we don’t care what you believe, we are going to force your child to take the STAAR test.”

This time around, I decided to be a little more public with my letter, so in addition to emailing the letter to our school principal, I also released it on Twitter and Facebook, today. The hope is that the publicity will cause Waco ISD to be a little more thoughtful with their response, and hopefully they will decide to uphold our parental rights and freedoms.

Read the letter(over 20,000 views so far)

Here’s my initial Tweet:

It didn’t take long others to begin sharing it with their own followers:




And then DallasNews picked it up:


Of course, that got more people tweeting about it:



Of course Facebook was also used to post similar supportive messages. For example:


I’m sure Day 2 will prove interesting as well, stay tuned…

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