Current Research Interests


Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Creating and sustaining engaging and supportive learning environments is critical in today’s higher education landscape. My research interests in the scholarship of teaching and learning are centered on the constructivist approach in higher education. I actively explore best practices in teaching strategies and assessment of learning, investigating their impact on student success.

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Student Affairs Professional Development

I’m interested in the ways in which student affairs professionals engage in professional learning. What are the required professional competencies for student affairs practitioners and what forms of professional development are most effective?


Curriculum & Instructional Design

Higher education has traditionally focused on the content and process of learning rather than on its outcomes. I’m interested in exploring the advantages of outcome-based curricula in HE, investigating how learning is supported by a student-centered approach to curriculum design. Additionally, I am interested in online course design that leverages technology to enhance the learning environment.

  • About Kyle

    Kyle D Massey is a higher education scholar with administrative and teaching experience at universities and colleges in both Canada and USA. His research interests are centered around learning and teaching in higher education and professional development of faculty and student affairs professionals.

  • Education

    Doctor of Philosophy in Education
    Master of Education
    Master of Science
    Bachelor of Education
    Bachelor of Arts
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