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Our Original Opt-Out Letter Sign the petition to uphold parental rights

Waco ISD responded today (March 26th) to our opt-out letter. They have apparently devised a new policy to address students who refuse the STAAR test. Below is an excerpt from their letter which outlines their newly developed process (which amounts to bullying). Click here to read the entire letter.


So, Waco ISD has decided to dismiss parents’ rights. After receiving written notification from a child’s parents informing them that their child will not be taking the STAAR test, Waco ISD’s stated plan is to ignore that and invite the child to take the test anyway. Wow. A direct violation of a parent’s right to protect their child from harm. Not only that, they are choosing to inflict even further harm on children by putting them in situations that can lead to major psychological injury. They are stating that, despite having received written notification from the parents which explains their child will not be taking the STAAR test, they are going to force the child to be the one who must refuse the test, ie. stand up to their authority figure. Putting a small child in this position, with the inherent power imbalance between teacher and student, and forcing them to make a stand against the administration in order to enact their parents’ wishes, is not only ludicrous but also deeply unethical and dangerous to children.

We must all, as concerned parents and citizens, revolt against this madness.

For starters, sign this petition.

Sign the petition to uphold parental rights
Obviously, we did not find Waco ISD’s response to be acceptable. We sent a letter back to them explaining our position and outlined an alternative plan. See our response below:


See the Dallas Morning News coverage of this story: http://educationblog.dallasnews.com/2014/03/waco-isd-responds-to-the-request-to-opt-out-of-tests.html/

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